Adult Baby Group is a site for diaper lovers and adult babies.
There are categories for adult babies, diaper lovers, mommies and nannies and more extreme
(real breastfeeding, spankings, dirty diapers etc).

AdultBabyGroup is a FREE community site for Adult men and women who wear diapers, or like to see other adults who do. We welcome anyone over the age of 18 to be part of our community, to share photos, good conversation, stories, diaper-brand reviews and more.

Warning: This is an Adults Only Site!
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Adult Baby Group & Diaper Club - For Diaper Lovers And Diaper Fetish

AdultBabyGroup is a Club for adult babies (AB) and diaper lovers (DL) who enjoy wearing diapers and/or adult baby (sissy) clothes. If you love diapers or being an adult baby, this is THE place for you so ENTER THIS ADULT BABY SITE HERE

  • Are you a man or woman who wears diapers, plastic pants, rubber diaper covers and or sissy clothes.
  • Do you wet your diapers or mess in your nappy
  • Is it a sexual fetish for you, where wearing a thick warm diaper is a turn on
  • Do you like to be treated totally like a baby during play time, being changed, bathed, and even spanked by Mommy or Daddy
  • Are you an "Adult Bedwetter" who acts their age, but still considers themselves in need of diapers and some loving care
  • Do you know what infantilism is
  • Do you like to see photos of other men and women enjoying this lifestyle

  • If you answered YES to more then 3 of the above, you are at the right place so ENTER THIS ADULT BABY SITE HERE